Best Snorkel Mask for Beards and Mustaches Review

A beard and mustache can block a tight seal when wearing a snorkeling or diving mask. When the mask does not come with proper protection for the face this water seeps in slowly and requires removal of face protection every few minutes. This will create a tighter seal on facial hair. Another thing you need to shave from the top of the mustache so the mask fits more accurately. It’s third. Use the recommended snorkeling mask that other people without injury have successfully used on their faces. We present a few potential solutions and creates a tighter in this article.

Our recommended best Snorkel Mask for Bearded Snorkelers

There’s not a lot to pick from when looking at snorkeling with a beard. Here is the market research for our customers and customer feedback list. These three choices are based on customer response to a customer online.

ScubaPro Crystal Vu Plus with Purge

The Crystal Vu Plus has a single lens vision unit that can be preferred to a single compartment or two-lens view system. The single ring allows underwater viewing more precisely without obstruction. A side window provides an excellent peripheral eye view of the surface. The swabs could fit a little snug around your nose making for a little inconvenience. We won’t recommend this mask if it didn’t have an excellent sealing that should give it the flexibility to fit comfortably on the face when worn with the hair that’s in place. He can be adjustable yet more to give a tighter fit and also easily adjusted for snorkelers with a mustache or facial hair.

Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless Mask

Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless Mask provides an extremely powerful mask from a renowned producer of scuba diving equipment. It’s extremely comfortable due to its frameless mask feature and its silicone skirt. The blend of silicone skirt is designed to block leaks even among born folks Venom lens reported as transmitting up to 96% of light while other masks average between about 80% of the light transmitted. There is a very wide sighting space which allows for observation of your surroundings even by focusing on peripheral vision. The strap and the adjusters give you optimal fit instantly without needing to struggle long.

Hollis M1 Frameless Scuba Diving Mask

The Hollis M1 is frameless which generally makes them more comfortable compared to frames. The product also provides a wider field of view because there are fewer objects blocking your eyesight. The lens is a Saint-Gobain Diamant lens with Crystal Clear lenses. The silicone black skirt also improves your vision as it blocks light from the sides and no light will pass around the side of the brim for distraction. Some of the people in the mask said it could become fogged. You have the possibility to fix it by sanitizing and wiping the protective coating and light the mask. The mask also includes a travel bag and a protective case.

Oceanic Shadow Frameless Dive Mask

The Ocean Shadow is a low-volume frameless mask and almost completely flat folds. The low volume, frameless design helps the mask remain closed to your face and provides excellent peripheral view and visibility. The mask has an easy-to-use and comfortable harness strap which allows you to keep the seals close on your face. The skirt will fit many facial sizes and shapes including those with facial hairs, and provide a tight seam. The lens is formed from tempered optical safety glass and is covered in medical-grade silicone. The helmet can be kept in a pocket and could be used for photography or spearfishing.

Full face snorkeling masks

A snorkeling mask for full faces will fit with mustaches but no beard. The beauty of a fully-body mask is that it covers your whole face giving you a fantastic area of view and allows you to breathe through your nose and your mouth. Difficult to dive underwater without a mask at depth is when you can no longer hold your nose to exhale and breathe so that pressure is not distributed evenly. In 2018 they were used in 25% of all cases in Hawaii. You want to have as much head hair as possible for the whole face so make sure you invest in an excellent high-end snorkel mask for a long period.

Atomic Aquatics Frameless Mask

It’s the new-look scuba snorkel mask for those with beards. Comes with a tempered glass lens from SuperWrite UltraClear by Schott. Its large single window lens is distorted free which is unlike other typical masks where light is let in only as low as 90 % this let in 96 % of. The thickness of Silicone surrounding the lens provides you the desired support as opposed to thick and rigid silicon for the seal around your face. Using the frameless mask this cover is more close to the face and it’ll increase visibility and ease EQing. It is constructed in twice-sided construction.

Cressi Panoramic 4

Cressi Pano 4 offers a 4-lens design that combines peripheral vision and extra light flexion. These lenses combined give a significantly better peripheral perspective than other comparable masks. We like this place and its square-away shape since it gives the best perspective into the surrounding environment. It is a good face for recreational Snorkelers looking for a panoramic view in general. That’s not to say that the lenses aren’t totally fog-free. It is your responsibility to clean and care for the lens. But some users disliked a split-angle layout.

ScubaPro Synergy 2 Mask

The Scuba Pro Synergy 2 Mask is perfect for people with beards because of its unique Two-Strap System. The flexibility skirt covers the face with additional supports and rigidity provided by the outer skirt. They combine with other types of masks and offer great comfort and resistance to leaks. If underwater you’ll have a good view and less eye fatigue due to the good lens designed. If you had facial hair and had touched and wanted a solid helmet it was attainable. You won’t face any pain when wearing a mask and because of how comfortable it is.

Cressi Matrix

It is a small snorkel mask with one of the best size and visibility ratios we have seen so far. The two eye-contact devices are curved in front and are allowing them into close proximity and enhancing peripheral vision by 30 %. They improve the edges and skirts of the Matrix to provide a superior seal better than the Pano 4. Unfortunately, small faces struggled to get a tight seal and can sometimes leak out of the seal. If you have a short face it may not be a good deal for you. Another mask is a bit more expensive than it was.

If you have a beard or mustache, these are the best snorkel masks. You should also take advantage of our top 15 tips on how to snorkel effectively with facial hair.

Snorkeling with a beard

Most beards do not grow much further off of the cheek area to help protect one from a full seal with a snorkel mask. The mustache also forces the mask skirt from the lips and allows water into the mask. The mustache in this case may leak. The best snorkel equipment for snoring with a beard will depend on the individual. Let’s look at what is suited for the various equipment. The following tips also work for scuba diving with a beard. Let’s focus in particular on getting a beard that doesn’t pose a problem. The problem was with the mustache.

Beards aren’t the problem (usually)

Large beards can be a problem as a snorkeler with a full-body mask. Beards don’t get behind this seal. A mustache prevents the sealing of which means the moisture escapes. Sometimes there is not a lot of problems even if your face has a long beard. I will talk a little here a little further down the page. To help guide you back into the page you left down the page on how to apply the mask and how to get water out of water in water. Go back to pages go to this page top.

Avoid vaseline

Vaseline is a jelly substance that degrades the mask skirt. Instead, consider trimming facial hair to minimize damage. Silicone grease provides a seal effectively without breaking your mask because it contains silicone oil mixed with a thickener. Avoid perfume. Perfume damages the silicone skirt and causes fogging. What snorkel equipment is essential for snorkeling? Find professional snorkeling and diving gear on for all the best masks on the internet.

Swimming goggles

It has a very limited view field and an eyepiece for a snorkel is not working. Obviously, you could not get a dip underwater without the help of swimming safety sunglasses because they don’t allow you to equalize air space. The glasses fit perfectly as their waistband closes around your eyes but not your cheeks, chin, and lips. The skirt seals perfectly as they seal perfectly around the eye sockets, not the cheeks and chin. Also not the mouth but not the eye.

Shape and size matter.

Many people have no problem wearing a goatee or just mustache. If you’re a big beard you may get to stop snorkeling. We recommend against tied to a pony and shackling on it some way. More Tips and Tricks for Sealing the Seal around your beard in the Snorting Mask: Below are many ways of sealing beards through full-face face masks. See our Team in our advice.

Shave the top of your mustache

Snorkel masks have a special design to form a seal for your skin. As part of a good match near the nose, the silicone of the mask can perform well. Tip: make sure you always use a mask with a silicone skirt. It seals well. Do not shave all-around your upper lip. That’s just fine. You don’t need to shave every mustache toward your lower lip. You’re given the majority. From time to time depending on how attached one is to their beard. Thus the mask can seal well. For those wanting to go scuba diving here could be a good one. It’s going to be back!

Consider A Double Sealed Silicone Mask

Most snorkel masks feature a single sheet of silicone material, usually provided with more than a sufficient flange. There are masks that come with a two-seal Silicone Skirt, which is thicker and allows a seal. For everyone with a mustache, you may want to change them. The Solo Snorkel Mask from ScubaPro is a good choice. Unfortunately, it cost about $110.

Try a frameless mask

Cressi F1 (Amazon Link) might be the alternative to purchase a frameless snorkel mask. The frame holds everything up and has a strong look. You could try one at your local snorkel shop to tell for certain which it is. There are also frameless masks without frames. It’s more flexible often lighter than frame-less types. They can be found on Amazon.

Check for hair on your cheeks

Maybe you can focus your beard or mustache but you should sometimes trim your cheeks or trim your face. Particular if you have much hair on your face. It may happen that a while after practicing several of the above methods your mask starts to get contaminated with water.

Avoid facial movements.

Motion changes the position of your mask with potential leakage. Strong currents can have the same effects as strong currents. Different places and different water sources may also impact the leakage. Once you have a decent fit for your Mask, try to keep it there.

Use Snorkel Mustache Wax

One thin continuous layer that holds out your mask is a good idea. The thinr beard the better. This could be beneficial for snorkeling for some minutes. This snorkeling sealing system by Terry Snorkell can be used to seal your mask for a brief time.

Take breaks

A sufficient amount of water enters your face. Who knows the length is not a major obstacle. If you are in 5 minutes and normally snorkel for 15 minutes there are only 2 breaks. Who knows? And you keep your beard. It’s part of the experience.

Position of the strap

If you have water entry by the bottom of its strap try turning the strap around your head. The position of the beard in this way would facilitate a better seal position. Again you can use it and then test it individually for yourself.

Don’t make the strap too tight

You may wonder a tense grip around your head might be able to help. It could actually increase the severity of a situation. Sure it’s always nice to try what works best for you but for me try to stick with a soft tightness. ‘

The bottom line

It’s ok to snorkel with a beard if you take a little extra effort. The methods explained are not completely infallible and maybe a little cumbersome. Apply a piece of wax or hairspray along with the spots where you want your beard to be protected by your face. If the symptoms of water leak persist and linger long after you complete the guide perhaps you should have a one-way valve that will force water out after breathing continuously. If you need any assistance balancing yourself underwater consider using a flotation belt for snorkeling or a life jacket.


How do I prevent water from entering my snorkel mask?

ou may have heard of people rubbing vaseline along mask – skirt or head-hair to tighten its grip. Instead of using petroleum-based soaps used in vaselines, you should try this method for a short section of mustache approximately an eighth and half-inch below your nose. Even after that it could be a challenge to do the same with sealing agents that are recommendable below and that may not provide.’residents’ Shave only this area for your leak problems and shaving this part is not a good idea ta snorkel masks. If you are having difficulty with leaks on these masks you need to apply a seal.

Can I use a full-face snorkel with a beard?

Bears don’t seem like a good investment when snorkeling. They can be impeding the design of proper water tightness and the result is water leaking. Not only does this ruin my experience but can be deadly too. A small trimming, a sponge, or the use of a silicone seal in the mask will get you rid of water. A beard can also be worn during winter and shaved during summer. It’s much cooler on us and you may snorkel as much as your heart desires without any trouble. It’s possible you can rock your head and enjoy your snoring.

Are certain masks better for mustaches?

There is no particular helmet that can suit your mustache. My best recommendation would be both if I have my own swimming glasses or a snorkeling suit. There is a problem with swimming goggles and full-face masks so the wearer can not plunge. If you want an opportunity to free dive I recommend a standard snorkel mask followed by the tips on the end. Can I follow tips from the article? Please email the email link for further information about masks.

Can you wear a full face Snorkel Mask with a Beard?

If you have a minimum mustache then you could use a full face mask – instead of a facial mask. More information is available in this article about face masks. You’re thinking whether you should be doing snorkel with a beard? Read this article for suggestions. If you want a full face mask and a beard, watch the whole video. You should have a look at this video to get some useful advice

Do full face snorkel masks work with a beard?

Most Full Face Masks include a silicone skirt lining that forms a skin-resistant seal. If you have a beard it can’t catch a seal and this can bring water up into it. If people don’t have their beard thickening it works nicely enough. What about people carrying large beards? You don’t have to worry. There’s also a way to experience snorkeling pleasure. That tells us there’s a way to deal with them.

How do I buy the best snorkel mask?

The best snorkel cap is a reputable product that fits your head properly. Eager beginners purchase good snorkels and forget what is worth buying. You don’t need a stiff upper lip and a graduate in scuba diving to know how to acquire a mask. Generally, we buy the masks with two ingredients to remember: conduct a sniff test. Also always buy good quality products.

What snorkel gear should I buy?

Which type of snorkel hat a person must wear depends on whether or not they have a mustache or a beard. Goggles work well for snorkelers without hair. A beard is less compatible with a full face mask. A mustache impedes a traditional sniffer mask.

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