Best Scuba Mouthpieces

Top 10 best scuba mouthpieces we have tried and recommend

Basic/Standard mouthpiece

This is a really basic mountpiece

Basic mouthpieces are often supplied with rental gear and cheaper new regulators. These basic mouthpieces are made of two simple tabs that the diver bites down on; these often have to be replaced quickly because they’re very easy for scuba divers to chew through.

Cheaper models are made of two tabs that the diver bites down on, and these must be replaced quickly due to the ease with which scuba divers can chew through them. These basic mouthpieces are cheap, but not everyone will be a fan.

Long bite

Thie is the longbite regulator mouthpiece

The Long Bite mouthpiece provides divers the ability to vary their bite throughout their dive. This is because it causes less jaw fatigue than cheaper products. It’s also a great choice for people who can’t afford higher-quality mouthpieces.


Cushion regulator Mouthpiece

Cushioning on a scuba diver’s mouthpiece prevents bite-through and provides comfort while diving. One of the best-cushioned models we’ve tried so far is worth trying out! These have soft grips on the bite tabs which prevent bite-through and provide a good degree of comfort.

Bridged, winged and tooth-covering

These designs help to keep the mouthpiece in place. Abridged models connect the tabs together, which could be uncomfortable if they rub inside your mouth.

Custom fit regulator mouthpiece

Get a good Custom Fit regulator mouthpiece

I will never go without my custom-fit mouthpiece again. After trimming the piece to your desired length, submerge it in boiling water for ten minutes before biting down. This process allows you to create a perfect mold for your teeth and retain it. I have used this – and only this – mouthpiece for over one hundred dives and it has not shown any wear or damage

A dive mouthpiece is a crucial piece of scuba gear, as it provides you with oxygen when you’re underwater. Many people have difficulty finding the perfect fit for their mouthpiece, but there are many different styles available to suit your needs and taste. I recommend checking out this custom-fit regulator mouthpiece if you want something more unique tailored to your face shape or size!

Final thoughts

Always buy a mouthpiece that will fit your regulator. When you’re purchasing a second stage, check the fitting to make sure it’s made for yours. Buy a spare when you find one that fits well so that it can be in your dive toolkit until then.

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