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Affiliate links are special tracking links that allow us to earn a commission on products or services you purchase through them, at no extra cost to you. These links are one of the ways we fund our operations, which includes researching, creating, and sharing valuable content about marine activities.

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We’ve partnered with Amazon’s Affiliate Program due to their vast selection of relevant products and their reputation for trust and reliability. This choice allows us to offer you a wide range of recommended products that seamlessly align with our content, enhancing your underwater adventures and experiences.

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We are deeply committed to providing honest and transparent reviews. Our evaluation criteria, rigorous testing, balanced perspective, and avoidance of exaggerated claims ensure that our reviews remain unbiased. We believe in transparency and will always disclose if we receive commissions or free products in our review process.

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We strive to maintain a friendly and accessible tone across, and our affiliate disclosure is no exception. We are dedicated to clear and straightforward communication, fostering a trustworthy relationship with you, our valued readers.

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