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We’re a small team of outdoor enthusiasts who can’t imagine life without spending time in nature. That’s why we started Ocean Buddy – we want to make it easy for everyone to go out and have a fun time outdoors. From scuba diving tips to camping gear reviews, we have you covered.

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Beach flags Meaning & Tips

Water is a part of beach life. Some people enjoy the beach as an escape from their everyday routine, while others like to take in …
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Best Pool Chlorine Dispenser

Pool owners want a chlorine dispenser that is not only reliable but also easy to use. The best pool chlorinators provide the right amount of chlorine …
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Best Dive Watches Under $100

Dive watches are a great way to enjoy all the perks of diving without breaking the bank. A dive watch is a water-resistant watch explicitly designed …
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How to find things underwater

The ocean covers about 70% of the earth’s surface, but only 5% is currently being explored. From the deep sea to hidden gems and sunken …
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Top 10 Sea Bunny facts

Sea bunny is a type of sea snail known as Jorunna Parva. Most of them are over 1 inch (2.4 cm) long and are found …
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Can you snorkel with goggles

Can you Snorkel with swim goggles? To be able to walk underwater we wear goggles or snorkel masks. Both offer similar amplification in the eye by …
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Best scuba diving compass

It’s always good to have a scuba diving compass on hand when you go scuba diving. It can be hard to find your way around …
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How to Repair a Surfboard

Repairing surfboards is a popular hobby among surfers. Not only does it help them save money, but surfboard repair can also be an enjoyable activity …
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