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We’re a small team of outdoor enthusiasts who can’t imagine life without spending time in nature. That’s why we started Ocean Buddy – we want to make it easy for everyone to go out and have a fun time outdoors. From scuba diving tips to camping gear reviews, we have you covered.

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How plastics affect coral reefs

Did you know that the average individual uses 167 plastic bags a year? And if we don’t use reusable shopping bags, then we’re all contributing …
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best sleeping bag for camping

Best Sleeping Bags for Camping

Quick Overview 1. Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag 2. Tuphen Sleeping Bags 3. Jeaouia Sleeping Bags 4. Coolzon Lightweight Sleeping Bags 5. FARLAND Sleeping Bags …
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What is Nitrogen Narcosis

Divers know about nitrogen narcosis. It happens when you go deep under water and have too much of the gas in your blood. What does …
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How To Become A Commercial Diver

The commercial diving industry is booming, and the demand for qualified individuals to fill these positions continues to grow. If you are interested in becoming …
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