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Who Is Behind The Site?

We’re a small team of outdoor enthusiasts who can’t imagine life without spending time in nature. That’s why we started Ocean Buddy – we want to make it easy for everyone to go out and have a fun time outdoors. From scuba diving tips to camping gear reviews, we have you covered.

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Best Scuba Mouthpieces

Top 10 best scuba mouthpieces we have tried and recommend Basic/Standard mouthpiece Basic mouthpieces are often supplied with rental gear and cheaper new regulators. These basic mouthpieces …
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How deep can a human dive

Diving is one of the most popular activities in the world. Some people will pay thousands of dollars for a high-quality diving suit, take classes …
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Wakeboarding Guides for Beginner

What is Wakeboarding and how does it work? Wakeboarding is a sport that first started in the early 1960s. It’s typically done behind an engine boat, …
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Best waterproof bag for snorkeling

Quick look at our recommendation CrosFace Universal Waterproof Pouch  Waterproof your cellphone with this belt! The lightweight material creates a snug, no-bounce fit to keep it secure. …
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