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Who Is Behind The Site?

We’re a small team of outdoor enthusiasts who can’t imagine life without spending time in nature. That’s why we started Ocean Buddy – we want to make it easy for everyone to go out and have a fun time outdoors. From scuba diving tips to camping gear reviews, we have you covered.

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17 Best Scuba Diving Masks

Scuba diving is an incredible experience, but it can be difficult to know where to start. One of the most important things when starting out …
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Best Scuba Diving Lights in 2022

The best dive lights are bright, easy to carry, and designed to fit each budget. When you dive at night or explore underground environments such …
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Is There a Bone in a Shark’s Body?

Answer:  No. Sharks, like other fish, have skeletons that are made of cartilage. Cartilage is flexible and tough material. It makes the skeleton lighter than bone …
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What does SOS stand for?

The distress signal is a continuous Morse code string of three dots, three dashes, and three dots that run together without spaces or full stops. …
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40 Best Shark Gifts

Do you have a friend who is obsessed with sharks? Do they love shark movies and documentaries, or do they like the look of them …
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40 Best Turtle Gifts

Do you know someone who loves turtles? Maybe they have a turtle tattoo or are just crazy about them in general. If so, the chances …
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How to Cure a Jellyfish Sting

If you’re reading this article, chances are at some point in the last few days, one of these small but powerful creatures stung you. You …
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