Best Scuba Diving Lights in 2022

The best dive lights are bright, easy to carry, and designed to fit each budget. When you dive at night or explore underground environments such as caves and wrecks, you will need a torch to light the way.

Your diving lights are another essential safety device that helps to alert other divers in your group and boat on the surface.

We put together this list of our favorite diving lights for 2021 so that you can make a more informed decision about which one is best for you! 

Orcatorch D520 Scuba Dive Light

Lumens: 1000

Get a lit-up view of underwater creatures in natural color with OrcaTorch’s D520 scuba dive light. 

With a maximum output of up to 1000 lumens, you can catch creeps from both high and low angles. Safe during challenging moments with the rotary switch mechanism for easy one-hand operation when your free hand is needed to carry things or navigate rocks and urchins.

The powerful, dive-friendly dive light can be used with 3 different power sources. Whether you’re looking to explore the depths of the water or glow in the dark at your next rave-up onshore, this lightweight LED torch is perfect for any situation.

HeCloud Dive Torch

Lumens: 1200

The HeCloud Scuba Dive Light uses upgraded LED beads and high-quality aluminum alloy as materials. It has an IPX8 waterproof rating, bright lights, long service life, and durable material design make it not only for scuba diving activities but also for camping and other outdoor activities or home use.

BigBlue CF1200P

Lumens: 1200

The CF 1200 P-II is excellent for any type of diving; from freshwater to the Caribbean. This light provides four power settings and everyday battery life. The versatility of this product will make divers want one lightweight, beginner-friendly option for exploring their surroundings (or lack thereof).

SeaLife Sea Dragon Mini 900

Lumen: 900

This light has a long-range beam of 14 degrees and 900 lumens. The five-mode switch is simple to use: simply push the single button. It has a total of seven modes: full power, half power, quarter power, one-second signal flash, and emergency SOS signal.

The aluminum casing is depth rated to 330 feet and may operate for eight hours on a single rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery.

Dive Rite BX2

Lumen: 1700

Get ready to see your dives in a whole new light. The BX2 handheld light has been completely redesigned to provide incredible power and versatility for all your underwater adventures.

Powerful enough for the most demanding technical divers with a sleek ergonomic design and compact size ideal for travel. 1700 lumens max output Fixed focus, smooth reflector with 8-degree beam Simple, head The single head-mounted push button provides a simple and intuitive user interface. Quickly toggle through four power levels plus a strobe mode.

The button is also illuminated with a color LED indicating the level of battery charge, so you’ll never have any surprises. The CX2 is powered by an included high quality, user-replaceable 5000mah 21700 battery providing up to 2.75 hrs of burn time on high*. Alternatively, a battery adapter sleeve included with the light allows it to use any protected 18650 batteries that you may already own.

How to choose the Best Scuba Diving Lights

What are dive lights

Dive lights are a special type of lighting device used by divers to illuminate the underwater environment. Diving lights are typically handheld portable dive torches, but may also be permanently mounted on the exterior camera casing.

What are dive lights used for

Dive lights are generally used to illuminate nearby objects underwater that are too poorly lit to view with the human eye. They may also be used in more proactive applications such as attracting prey, particularly fish.

What are dive lights used for

Dive lights are generally used to illuminate nearby objects underwater that are too poorly lit to view with the human eye. They may also be used in more proactive applications such as attracting prey, particularly fish.

Types of dive lights

There are many types of dive lights, but the right light can help you see in the water and avoid hitting things that aren’t there. There’s also a special purpose for each type so be sure to take some time before your next scuba session with our handy guide!

How to choose dive lights for recreational dive

Generally, recreational divers will require one dive light at a minimum. If you plan on collecting critter buddies or spooking fish like the pros, two dive lights are ideal. Recreational dive lights are compact and not too powerful (about 800-1300 lumens). They can be used to illuminate underwater scenes without causing extreme penetration of the light.

Benefits of dive lights

When it comes to dive lights, there are many benefits. One of the biggest is safety; dive lights can help you see better in low-light conditions and avoid accidents while diving at night or during twilight hours. Dive lights also help you see more on your dive, so you can take better photos and find lost items more easily,


A scuba dive light is a powerful tool that can be used to create fear, lure in prey, or even signal for help. When you’re scuba diving at night it’s important to have the best scuba diving lights available so you don’t miss out on any of the amazing sights underwater!

The article has covered everything from how light behaves underwater, what kind of lighting suits different needs, and which are the top-rated products currently available.

What other questions do you need to be answered before buying your next set of dive lights? Leave us comments below and we’ll get back with all the answers!

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