Top 10 Best Places in the World to go Kayaking

Kayaking is a sport that many people enjoy, and it can be done in a lot of places around the world. The question for today is “what are the best places to go kayaking?” If you’re looking for an answer to that question, then read on! We will discuss 10 different locations where kayaking can be enjoyed.

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The first stop on our list is known for being one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia: The Great Barrier Reef! Because of its clear waters and abundance of marine life .

Coral polyps can be seen in the waters, while many different types of fish swim around. Turtles are also common animals that kayakers will see down below on their journey through this location.

The best time for people to go is during the day because at nighttime there may not be enough light from the moon or sun to illuminate what’s happening beneath them. This makes it difficult for people who want to appreciate and enjoy all aspects of this particular destination.

The trip duration should take anywhere between four hours and a half-day depending on water conditions and how often you stop along the way to snorkel or explore some other underwater sights like sunken shipwrecks.

Due to its popularity, if you’re planning on going with a group, it’s best to book in advance because the tours sell out quickly.

This destination is perfect for people who love aquatic life and scuba diving, but not so much if you hate getting water up to your nose or having sea creatures swim up into your face while kayaking through their homes.

If you have ever wanted to see what an underwater world looks like without actually going under yourself then this is definitely the spot to go! It has been said that there are over 400 kinds of corals here which makes it easy to get lost among all of them and also explore different parts in depth

2. Amazon River, South America

The second best place to go kayaking is in the Amazon River because it has a variety of wildlife and plant life to see. The river is the world’s largest by volume of water and second longest after the Nile River, containing about 20% of all fresh water on earth.

The Amazonian forest also has many rivers tributaries that flow into it which makes for a great kayaking experience as you paddle your way down through these waters. It is an extensive basin with over two million square kilometres of rainforest to explore in Brazil alone so there are plenty more places where you can go kayaking if this one doesn’t take your fancy!

There are also some areas of the Amazon River where you can spot pink dolphins, giant otters and even anacondas in the water so it really is a great place to kayak.

3. Lake Powell, America

The third best place to go kayaking is on Lake Powell, which offers some great views from high above the water’s surface.

The best kayaking experiences are at the end of canyons or in other waterfalls. When you get to a spot like this, it’s about time for some lunch and then go back out and explore more!

This is one of those places that has such stunning natural beauty that it makes paddling down through these waters seem easy and effortless – with so many different landscapes to take your breath away as you look around while on the riverbed below.

Lake Powell really does have something for everyone as there are plenty of great spots where beginners could start their trip before going into more challenging areas further downstream.

If you want to stay nearby after exploring Lake Powell, consider staying in Page which offers luxury hotels & resorts.

4. Glacier National Park, America

Fourth on our list of places to go kayaking in Glacier National Park, where you can see many different types of animals and plants that are native only to this region. Glacier National Park is known for being home to the longest glacier in the lower 48 states.

First, start at a calm bay where you can take your time to get used to kayaking without any waves or strong currents and then work your way into some of Glacier’s more challenging areas such as Lake Josephine – home to many different types of native plants and animals including Black Bears, Moose, Rocky Mountain Goats and Bighorn Sheep!

If you’re looking for an even greater challenge try going downstream on this class IV+ rapids river (which is not recommended for beginners).

5. Costa Rica, Central America

Fifth on our list for places to go kayaking in Costa Rica, which has beautiful beaches with white sand and crystal-clear water.

Costa Rica has an amazing ecosystem with many different types of animals and plants. Kayakers will have a great chance to see all of these creatures in their natural habitat. Kayaking is also very easy because the water is calm, even during rough surf conditions; it offers some protection from waves.

All around Costa Rica are excellent places for kayaking including national parks like Manuel Antonio National Park or Los Quetzales National Reserve and popular tourist destinations such as Playas del Coco or Tamarindo on the Nicoya Peninsula.

In addition, there are often guided tours available through reputable companies especially at Manuel Antionio National Park that can offer trips ranging from one hour to seven hours long! These tours may include snorkelling, lunch and transportation.

6. Iceland, Europe

Sixth on our list for places to go kayaking in Iceland due its vast landscapes that offer an amazing experience when you’re out there exploring by boat or even just walking along the shoreline.

Since Iceland has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, we know that kayaking is a great way to explore them. Plus it’s an amazing time to relax and just enjoy nature for hours on end with nothing but you and your thoughts!

So if you’re looking for a place where you can do that then look no further than Iceland because they have plenty of places perfect for kayakers around their coasts like Faxafloi Bay and Reykjavik Harbor.

In addition, there are often guided tours available through reputable companies especially at Reykjavik Harbor that can offer trips ranging from one hour to seven hours long! These tours may include snorkelling, lunch and transportation.

The Bottom Line

There are many places to go kayaking, and the list we’ve compiled is just a small sample of some of the best. If you’re looking for an adventure on water with your friends or family, then these 10 locations should be considered!

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