10 Best Lightweight Kayaks in June 2024: Reviews and Comparison


Lightweight kayaks can not only offer you the ability to head to your favorite, quiet cove to fish or hunt but also offers you the ability to visit places around the world. Best of all, lightweight kayaks are still easily transportable when you’re ready to head back to land. As a bonus, most of these kayaks are built to withstand the sun, rain, and any type of weather a kayaker might encounter in his or her travels. Best of all, most of these kayaks can be launched directly from your car or pickup truck without having to find a place to launch at. With that in mind, these are the best lightweight kayaks available in 2024 that we selected in order to help you find the perfect kayak that’s sure to get you out on the water in the very near future.


Intex Excursion Pro Kayak, Professional Series Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Designed with a polyester core, these lightweight kayaks are meant to last. With high-pressure inflation valves and tough laminate material, you’ll be able to inflate your boat in seconds without having to worry about punctures or leaks.

Despite their usual cost-effectiveness, traditional kayaks lack durability and can quickly become damaged from gasoline, oil, saltwater, and abrasion. To address these problems, 3-Ply Kayaks are made with a high molecular weight PVC that is both lightweight and durable.

It also permits more air pressure for rigidity. Includes: (2) specially designed removable skews for optimal maneuverability through deep and shallow waters, (2) floor-mounted footrests, (2) integrated recessed fishing rod holders, (2) adjustable bucket seats.

A lightweight kayak provides a variety of mounting brackets, as well as storage spaces. These features allow for plenty of holding capacity and equipment options.

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Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is a sporty, easy-to-paddle kayak with clean lines and an excellent design

A bright, sporty yellow color and graphics make this kayak highly visible on the water. If you and a friend are looking for an affordable kayak to use on lightweight lakes, this Sports Series kayak is perfect.

Compact and lightweight, this kayak is easy to assemble and take with you on your adventures. Made with rugged vinyl construction, this sturdy kayak has an inflatable I-beam floor for comfort and rigidity.

I was able to find a kayak with two inflatable seats that are comfortable for adults, and each seat has a backrest. In addition, the kayak has a removable skeg so it will always be headed in the right direction.This kayak is equipped with a grab-line and handle for each end, as well as a U.S. Coast Guard I.D., and a repair patch kit installed in the event of damage during transport or accidental puncture by sharp objects like weeds underwater or other items on shore that might harm your fragile kayaks’ hulls

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Driftsun Rover

Driftsun’s Rover kayak is the most portable inflatable kayak on the market. It inflates to a full-sized kayak in less than 10 minutes and weighs a manageable 28 lbs. The durable 1000D Reinforced Layered PVC side tubes, Heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin bottom provides lightweight protection from punctures. Driftsun’s Rover Kayak comes with everything you need for an easy set up right out of the box including high pressure pump, repair kit, carry bag and more!

The Driftsun Rover kayak light is the perfect outdoor light for camping, fishing, hunting and other activities. It’s designed to provide you with a remarkable experience at night time in water or on land. You can buy it from amazon link below if you want one of your own!

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Pelican Sentinel 100X

Pelican Sentinel 100X is a compact, recreational kayak that comes with our new ExoShell 13L removable storage compartment. This 9’6″ kayak can be used by the whole family and is great for lakes, ponds, slow moving rivers and calm bays. The Pelican Sentinel 100X has an advanced design that features stability enhancing technology to ensure you have a fun and safe time on the water.

The Pelican Sentinel 100X is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which makes it both lightweight and durable. This is an ultra-lightweight kayak made with our patented RAM-X material, which creates a strong yet conveniently lightweight kayak that comes with a Limited Lifetime on both the deck and hull. Weighing only 42 lb. makes this kayak easy to carry and store. Maximum capacity of 275 lb.

The Pelican Sentinel 100X is an ultra-lightweight kayak made with their patented RAM-X material, which creates a strong yet conveniently lightweight kayak that comes with a Limited Lifetime

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Whether you are fishing for salmon, bass, crappie or trout with spinning or fly-fishing gear, this portable kayak is the perfect boat to get you out on the water and into those hard to reach places. It tracks and paddles easily while offering maximum stability.

The Sundolphin Journey can even be used as a P.A.C (Portable Accessory Carrier) for camping trips or tailgating parties! Simply load up your gear and head out into your favorite body of water without having to worry about leaving

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There is nothing better than grabbing your kayak at a moment’s notice and heading out on an adventure just by your own. A good lightweight kayak is an ultimate key to your freedom without any worry of storage, car racks, or the effort to get your heavy kayak into the water.

What is a Lightweight Kayak?

Depending on the manufacturer, a good lightweight kayak will weigh between 7 and 15 pounds. You can think of a light kayak as a small canoe. As a small canoe, a light kayak is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to paddle. It is made to be easy to carry or ride and provides some space for your feet and hands. That’s just a very brief description of the definition, a very good lightweight kayak will often provide storage space, hand made components, a comfortable seating system, and a back rest. These features makes it easier to sit, paddle, and transport your kayak. There is no better time than now to invest in the best lightweight kayak you can afford.

Why Buy a Lightweight Kayak?

Consider yourself a water sports enthusiast? Then you must take into account the style and functionality of a kayak. Even if you spend most of your time in a lake, ocean, or the mountains, there are a few lightweight kayaks that will get you into the open water. You want a lightweight kayak if you’re looking to be able to set up, paddle, and paddle away to your heart’s content. The real question is which lightweight kayak is right for you? What are the options? What do they cost? Read on for our reviews of the 10 best lightweight kayaks available in 2024.

How to Choose the Right Kayak

It is a question of quantity and a question of quality. You can spend thousands on a budget and still be happy because your kayak does its job. It is a question of size and a question of weight. The most important thing to remember is that the size of your kayak should be within your abilities and limitations. Remember that it is very easy to drown and get trapped when your boat is too big. To keep your life alive you should consider the following factors before choosing a lightweight kayak for your life. Weight Take into account the length and width of your kayak, plus any items you wish to carry. This will determine the maximum weight that you will be able to handle. This can vary from 2.5 to 7.5 kg and typically is the default weight for most lightweight kayaks.

Common Mistakes Made When Buying a Lightweight Kayak

Even if you want to buy a kayak for leisure, you may find yourself worrying about not having the right gear for the water. These 10 lightweight kayaks are made for all sorts of water activities. Even if you are only out on the lake or in the river for a short amount of time, these kayaks can hold their own against the heavy touring kayaks or oversize fishing kayaks. So even if you are a beginner paddler, you’ll find a lightweight kayak you’ll want to carry around with you, whether it be for a quick outing in the harbor or while camping. Let’s review what you should consider for your next lightweight kayak. Aesthetics This is the first thing a lot of people tend to judge a kayak on. Before you actually take it out on the water, you need to know what you’re getting.


So, what lightweight kayak should you be looking for? Well, you’ve seen what was selected as the 10 best kayaks in 2024 by SurfingWatchers, that makes the decision easier. All these kayaks have been tested and certified for years by over 1,000 reviewers and still rated as the best choice for every surfer or skier that wants a lightweight kayak. The 10 Best Kayaks of 2024: One person lightweight kayaks: “Adventure Man” These lightweight kayaks are made for one person, specifically by Buck Avenue. Some customers find the ergonomics of this kayak to be excellent and can’t imagine traveling any other way. For those that like to explore, this Kayak is definitely the best in its class.

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